Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Medical Help for Tea Party People

Anybody remember those people who spent aggregate decades making fun of anti-war protestors during the Vietnam and Middle East wars?

You know ... the people who passed by sign-toting wackos and shouted, "Get a job!" ... assuming that only the unemployed had enough time on their hands to organize a protest against the government?

Well, lots of those people are out protesting against the government this week.

Instead of protesting against senseless killing (OK, not all of it's senseless. Pretty cool seeing Sadaam's neck snap on the YouTube, and we just can't frag enough of those Taliban) they're protesting against senseless drains on their collective wallets.

The world feels your self-interested pain.

But we're not going to laugh at you.

(Not too much).

We're not going to assume you're unemployed.

We're not in any way going to suggest you're not worthy of free speech.

But would you please stop wasting so much perfectly good tea?

(This whole tea-buying frenzy can't be helping your wallets either, and you nutjobs have already driven the price of ammo through the roof).


These massive government spending programs you're protesting began with your guy last October ... $1.5 trillion to who-knows-where, for starters, just so we could dodge a major economic Armageddon.


We radical centrists don't disagree with your outrage over these murky bailouts, but your collective re-packaging of the whole she-bang as "socialist spending by the Obama Administration" paints you just as hopelessly perplexed as your ongoing confusion between Iraq and Afghanistan in The War on Terror.

Want help with future tough distinctions in everyday thinking? Get it here.

[I am the Car Czar, and I'm here to help.]


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  1. Obama named Putin as Russia czar in addition to DeParle health czar, Browner energy czar, Carrion urban czar, Volcker economic czar.