Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sony Delays Gran Turismo 5, Maybe ... Just for Me

The thumb-racing world was rocked today by the announcement that the release of Gran Turismo 5 is on indefinite delay.

Sony Corp. says Japan's anticipated March release of GT5 is on hold, but there's good news for everywhere else in the world: the latest iteration of the race simulation masterpiece maintains its previous No Firm Release date.

What does this mean for U.S. Gran Turismo hot shoes?

It means they'll have to indefinitely wait some more.

It means they'll still need to get their fix in GT5 Prologue carving up Suzuka East with the same old tuned Lotus Elise or Corvette Z06 and destroying all comers at Daytona and the High Speed Ring with the spooky-fast electric GT by Citroen ... or maybe a Dodge Viper to be fair. Of course there are other entertaining cars in Prologue, but do they really matter when a grand +, including nearly every streetable fun car in history, will be garage-able, tune-able, and race-able in GT5 The Full?

(Geez. No wonder it' s taking so long)

The delay couldn't come at a better time for your UnHumble Car Czar, who remains stuck two 750-point races out of pocketing the coveted S-Class license and the chance to buy a 2007 F1 Ferrari for a mere $2 mil. I say "mere" because I've been to $2 mil so many times in GT5 Prologue that I've had to resort as many times to bleeding cash on a rainbow garage of street Ferraris and Astons to stay under the winnings cap. That's what happens when your racing talent really and truly runs out with two races to go in the game.

I really want that F1 Ferrari bad, but my repeated failure to get the gearing, camber, and aero right on my tuned Mines and Z06 test mules, plus my habit of failing in the rhythm Ss of Suzuka and completely blowing the last kink before the main grandstands while trying to woof past five cars in one apex is likely going to keep me unfulfilled and out of the hunt.

Without a fake real F1 Ferrari to prance around the limited track selection in GT5 Prologue there's no sense looking forward to the 1,000+ cars and multitude of tracks in the long-delayed and still-delayed full version of the best driving simulation ever to hit a home gaming system.

Let the talented and bored F1 Ferrari-driving S-Class geniuses be disturbed by this disturbing development. Let them worry about whether their hard-won S-Class license and F1 Ferrari will transfer to the full version.

If anybody needs me in the meantime, look for me somewhere in a in a tire barrier near Turn 15 at Suzuka. I really need to hit the brakes earlier there.


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