Thursday, March 25, 2010

Really Brief Musings on Old White Guys in Congress

Congrats to the boss for getting a health care package passed ... I think. Alas, no one in even my high office has a clue what's in it after months of grinding by the Washington I-Win...No-I-Win legislative sausage factory.

If any great tragedy comes out of the Big O's national healthcare campaign, it's in being forced to watch old white guys who have been soundly whipped at their own game fighting tooth-and-nail to look like the final bell never rang ... kinda like they idiotically did for a year-plus after the 2008 election with birth certificate challenges and tea parties.

House Minority (relish the irony of the term) Leader John Boehner is sort of the poster child for today's pretending-to-still-be-relevant Republican. The guy plainly smirks every time he's on camera, even as his party's once-proud elephant trunk dangles limply just outside the Capital Hill circus tent.

Boehner looks like the insolent kid in the back of the classroom who's got it in for the teacher but can't do jack about it.

Then you've got the Grand Old Party Outburst Guys: Mr. "You Lie!" And lately Mr. "Baby Killer!"

Abe, Ike, and Dutch can't be proud.

Eventually these entitled old hacks will be replaced with some more formidable talent and we'll have a real ballgame again.

Until then, keep popping that popcorn, and always bet on the half-black guy.

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