Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ford's Performance Problem

Has Ford painted itself in a corner for 2012 with its mind-blowing new V6 Mustang?

You're UnHumble Car Czar says, "Yep, probably" ... because now Ford's two new lower-line up-and-comers, the turbocharged Fiesta (2012) and (possible) turbocharged Focus (SWG: 2014) may bump up against or even pass Ford's 24k 305 hp secretary(it) pony on the price charts.

Traditionally V6 Stangs have never been competitive with hot hatches in a straight line, let alone in zigging and zagging. It's an all-new game for 2011; the lowliest pony now hits 60 in the low fives and slices and dices with any EuroSedan you care to mention.


With traction control, folding rear seats, and 30 MPG on the highway, practically every argument for choosing a hot-rodded economy car over what is likely America's best all-around sports coupe to-date disappears.

Ford should probably figure out how to raise the price of the Mustang, but this office thinks it's a much better idea to keep the prices of the blown Fiesta and Focus really, really low.

I am the CarCzar, and I'm here to help.

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