Thursday, February 24, 2011

NASCAR: When Getting Your Head Stuck in the Stair Railing Over and Over Just Ain't Good Enough ...

Hey: Remember your driver's ed course where that old guy tried to get it in your head over and over about how bad stuff happens when you tailgate?

You know: rear end collisions, plus not being able to see stuff that's going on up ahead of you?

Well that's all boring lecture and film bidness, and while you get a few chances to see the physics in rush-hour traffic, there's no better graphic demonstration than this year's Daytona 500, where some genius decided that pairing-up all the cars to bump-draft throughout the race was a brilliant idea.

Did you get to see a wreck every ten minutes?

Same here.

Did you get to hear each guy who pooooshed his way into a wreck complain that he just couldn't see what was going on ahead of him and that there wasn't enough time to get warned of a slow-down over the radio?

Me too.

Is this whole bump-drafting thing just another good 'ol boy stab at playing hide-n-seek in the junk refrigerators in the yard?

Why, yes it is.

The crowd of folks solemnly holding three fingers in the air before this year's 500 to honor a race driver who was killed a decade ago in NASCAR's 190 mph parking lot mighta woulda made for a touching scene if they weren't all gathered to celebrate the same old bunch-em-and-wreck-em dumbpidity.

This ain't racin' ... it's playing chicken with Darwin.

Since we're still in The Great Recession there must be more economical ways for even loaded good 'ol boys to get themselves kilt. Feel free to suggest yours below.

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  1. Frozen light pole licking contest in Harlem?