Friday, August 19, 2011

Who's the Boss?

There is a breed of sales wank that believes consumers who inquire about a product that isn't available are best served with an answer about completely different products that are available, preferably without any further reference to the product that isn't available.

This wholly-innocent forgetfulness is accomplished with doe eyes in-person, as with the Pontiac salesman who once offered to sell your's truly an available Pontiac Grand Am for the same price as the 5k-more-and-then-currently-unavailable sibling Grand Prix GTP. (Your UnHumble Car Czar countered by offering to purchase a 5k-more-and-then-currently-available Bonneville SSE for the same price as the GTP, a mocking retort met with apparent confusion by the sales punk).

This wholly-innocent forgetfulness is accomplished with polite tones over the telephone, as with the so-called Verizon Wireless tech support guy who turned into an attempted salesman at the conclusion of a recent support ticket, responding to a question about the carrier's delayed Blackberry 9930 with an incredible offer for a Droid. Not a peep about the Blackberry escaped the fellow's lips ... almost as if the question had never been asked (or maybe it was simply another Verizon call clarity issue)?

And this wholly-innocent forgetfulness is accomplished per the above screenshot on the FoMoCo's website, where you finish building yourself a Ford Mustang Boss 302 and find that there are 13 in inventory -- which turn out to be an "inventory" of not 2012 Boss 302s with screaming five-liter V-8s, but leftover 2011 V6s.

You might as well let your brilliant web app find us stray cats, Ford.

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