Friday, April 1, 2011

Gen V Camaro Z28: Drop the Throttle *and* the Top

Congrats, GM, on figuring out that blowers and Zed/28s don't go together. Save for the Buick Regal, the only muscle car to muscle through the 70s and 80s, muscle has always been about displacement, for which, we hear, has no replacement.

Now that the prospect of a Z06-engined Z28 looms large, please continue not to blow it.

Stuff that 427 screamer in a Z28 with a folding top and call it the Z28 convertible. This has become a barge-big car ... so big that even 426 SS-guise horsepower can't motivate this pony to gallop much faster than those 305-325 hp (um ... claimed) Gen IV F-bodies of a decade ago. If 4,200 roofless pounds can't subdue that beast, something's wrong.

A two-ton-plus car with 500-plus horsepower becomes interesting, gentlemen.

This office won't quit our Big Engine Open Air Campaign until all of your big-inch bruisers can be optioned to let the sunshine and thunder in.

I am The Car Czar, and you know the rest.

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