Sunday, December 18, 2011

MacNeil Automotive Products. What Splatters on You?

From the Just Scratching Head Files: Anybody out there buying those Made in America floor mats from MacNeil Automotive?

Chances are if you read any major automotive magazine, fully 1/3 of the pages are owned by MacNeil. Floor mats designed to drain a Brooklyn block's worth of water from your boots and channel it off to the nearest Mississippi tributary are the firm's staple, though some little J.C Whitney-ish doodads like smoke-tint window gutters are offered in case you didn't step into your car wearing the entire weather system on your boots.

Your Unhumble Car Czar lives in a climate that is at times drowned in every form of precipitatory nastiness for days on end, however not once over the decades has he wished for floor mats modeled after the canal grid of Venice. The factory rugs do just fine.

But somebody ... a lot of somebodies ... must be buying these flowmatsters, or Mr. MacNeil is draining more than boots buying up all these car mag pages.

If you're reading this and you buy MacNeil sole drainage products, please weigh in and tell us what you're wading through on the way to your car each day.

If you're not reading this, never mind.

In any case, thanks for supporting the best in dead tree automotive media, Mr. MacNeil.

P.S. We miss the hot wife from the early ads. This mistressy-looking Botox floozy in the current ads is soooo cliché.


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