Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Brief State of the Car Czar Address

It's been three years since your UnHumble Car Czar appointed himself the nation's car czar during the confusion of a socio-economic-upheaval. No drone strikes means the boss approves.

Issuing edicts to large corporations in a blog has gone well to-date, with the following blog-and-you-shall-receive orders filled:

Industry: Don't Fall for the Smug Car (I am the Car Czar, 1/3/2009)
Industry: Leave the Hummer in the Ditch (I am the Car Czar, 1/3/2009)
Car and Driver: Heal Thyself (I am the Car Czar, 1/10/2009)
BMW: Not Rocker Buttons ... Paddle Shifters (I am the Car Czar, 1/31/2009)
Wendy's: We Want English with That (I am the Car Czar, 12/16/2009)
Chevrolet: Drop a Z06 Engine in a Corvette Convertible (I am the Car Czar, 3/15/2011)

Visit this page infrequently for updates.

Still working on getting Brian Barnhardt out of racing and mandatory plaid seats out of reasonably-priced GTIs.


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